About Us

PQFinders, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India as a completely well organized and new-tech background screening company. PQFinders has been incorporated to provide end-to- end security and risk management services to various businesses. We aspire to abridge Background Screening Services for all sectors to plan their business activities and safeguard the workplace.

Our core team has an extensive experience in Law Enforcement, Audits and Human Resources. Many of them have been recognized by their peers for their proficiencies. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of what we do for our clients and equally we execute our services with care and discretion. Our earnest attempt is to reach Corporate as well as Individuals not for profit but to create an awareness of background screening services. Being a responsible citizen of India we have started free seminars about background screening services to prevent Societal Frauds.

Our services include Criminal Record Check, Employee Background Check, Driving License Check, Vendor Check and a wide variety of other services to protect your Organization.

We believe in providing Factual Services with utmost sincerity and integrity to our esteemed Customers and build a long-term Business Relationship.